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Dragon's Tallons

". . .The tallons of the dragon touch us all, be it a caress or a strike.
But no matter how, we are all changed by the experience!. . ."


The Purpose of the Page:

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the myths and legends that rum amok in my mind.
You may become enlightened or disgusted from this experience, but that is not for me to decide or judge.
The evidence is here for your inspection. You must judge it as sane or deranged.

The Windows to Visions.

Visions of Gods and Monsters, Heaven and Hell, Darkness without Light, Love and Pain. They await you below.


For those of you who have enjoyed or despised the "Tallons" experience and are crying 'Please, More!' or 'Oh God, not again!' I offer the following.

Click on the link below to enter DRAGONS TALLONS 2. Yes, more pix and pomp from the Beast from the East! To those who enjoyed the original, I hear you drool in expectation. To those who hate it, Hey-more ammo for your comments! So, I'll shut up now and I invite you all to come in even deeper to the experience!.

Dragons Tallons 2

UPDATES: November 2002!!!!.

New and bigger things are coming HERE, my friends. The NEW version of the Pro style site is on-line.
The DRAGON Project (version 2.2) is and running.
To check out this phenom, click here and you will see things I could not do on this site.
This past October (2002) marked 2 years Tallons has been on the web. (brings a tear to my eye, really.)
Now, have I ignored Tallons? A bit, I admit. But, 114 people out there have voted for us in The Top 100 Mythos sites, so something must still be good here! Thanks!
The Ongoing Story
Is also soon to be appearing at The Project.
Tis time to add some spice here. Check back in 2003. I promise, some new things for all.
Ah, but what else is coming? I hear you cry?

Yes, my dark tale of the world during the rule of Anti-Christ is now availabe for a sneak preview . Shadows Of The Beasts
Images from the world of Doom. No, not screenshots of gameplay, but new visions of familiar scenes as created by yours truly (complete with 3-Actual Working Links to current Doom sites. My first computer love was (and still is) Doom. Come take a glimpse of the fun.
On a unfortunate note, long time Tallons fans will notice that they can no longer click and grab the pix they want. I started Tallons on an honor system, but have found a slice of my art posted on someone else's site with Their name as the creator of that slice. They know who they are and the legal wheels have begun to spin here in view of a coming grind. I am sorry about this, but I have my rights to protect as well. Anyone who has already grabbed slices for themselves for their collections-I say enjoy them. But PLEASE! write me if you wish to post something for one reason or another. Otherwise.......
". . .you have been warned. . ."
The D.
April 14, 2002. Now comes a idea I should have thought of sooner. Wanna read more about my rants and raves? Or find out what is going on else where in the Land of The D without jumping from site to site? Then hop over to My LiveJournal page. Simply click the link below and see (YES, SEE!) and read all I have to vent about.
Go to LiveJournal

. . .UPDATE. Nov 12, 2002 Got my hour back! Zzzzz!!!!....Number 39 and climbing on the Top 100 Cthulhu Mythos Sites.....THANK YOU! Keep clicking that link, people!.......On October 25th, 2001. Dragon's Tallons was mentioned at Doomworld.com for the illustrations I have posted here concering the game........ Still available for public inspection are Chapters 1-4 of the novel "Shadows of the Beasts" as written by John Durbin. . . . . . . .we have also joined the Mythos Wars and a Mythos webring. And we still stand pat on the notion that Cthulhu running the world is not such a hot idea....We are still a member of The Necrosoft Netwok (check the Acknowlegements Page for details)........It's Fall! Sorry the new stuff is late, but hopefully you all won't be disapointed by it when it finally gets here...Sincerly, The D.......... griffon dragon

Gods And Monsters

Heaven And Hell

Darkness Without Light

Love And Pain



Ongoing Story

Shadows Of The Beasts

The Doom Page

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This web page created by John Durbin Jr. All artworks included within are copyrighted, owned, and created by John Durbin Jr. All non-owned sounds and materials are mentioned on the 'Acknowlegment' page.This page created in May of 2000. Anything stolen from this page (images, sounds, etc) will be on your own soul. God will deal with you later.